Mit dem Update auf Version 1.5.1 bekommt Automobilista nun endlich den Drift-Modus spendiert sowie neue Streckenlayouts. Die Streckenvarianten bestehen aus Buskerud Ice, Mendig Drift und Foz Tarmac.

Darüber hinaus gab der Entwickler bekannt, dass mit diesem Update die Entwicklung von Automobilista abgeschlossen ist. Lediglich eventuelle Hotfixes sowie einer finalen noch nicht angekündigten Spielerweiterung werden noch veröffentlicht. Das Team wird sich damit auf den Nachfolger konzentrieren, das Changelog zu Version 1.5.1 findet ihr anbei.

-Added Drift Series & Drift game mode
-Added F-Ultimate 2018 series
-Added Super F-Dirt series
-Added Buskerud Ice, Mendig Drift, Foz Tarmac track layouts

-Fixed a CTD at track load if no sound card was found
-Increased and added ability to customize number of entries shown on Standings TV Display via customingamelayout.INI
-Added repair existing damage to escape to pits rules (Semi Realistic and up)
-Added restoring of Tow to Garage value when rejoining an online game
-Adjusted Driver Labels to only show a users RaceRank score online if they have a score (higher than 0)
-Fixed an issue where font shadows bleed through when text is fading out (Driver Labels)
-Added UI option to completely disable XInput detection
-Reduced size of final cut track warning message as it overran the TV Overlay background.
-Fixed an issue where a users PB lap times were registered as the fastest overall lap in a race online
-Fixed wheel rotation not being locked on external / non cockpit cameras (when driver is visible)
-Minor optimizations to audio code
-Kick both users if two join with the same steam id on a RaceRank server
-Added a reason digit when users are kicked from a RaceRank server

-Comprehensive Revision of AI Code resulting in better racing abilities throughout
-Fixed Turbo Data not getting reset for AI when loading a new vehicle (could lead to AIs running out of fuel)
-AI are now also restricted by limited tire sets setting (along with some basic strategical decisions)
-Adjusted AI brake usage
-Updated AI Aggression scalars for all cars to a more consistent baseline
-Fixed an issue with AI lifting off when passing at the start finish line
-Added HDV Param AIPassLatScalar – This is how much extra space a car leaves to pass when overtaking when they have 0% aggression (default is 2 meters plus a base 0.5m)
-Added HDV Param AIForcePassCarLength – This is the distance in car lengths behind the car ahead that the AI will greatly increase their likelyhood to attempt a pass. Default is 0.6, higher, 1.0 or so recommended for slower cars

-Interlagos: Updated 2017 version to include latest Cafe chicane layout, curb design & other cosmetic updates
-Hockenheim: Removed dust from road on the left entering stadium section in historic layouts
-Ibarra: Slightly improved AI performance in both layouts
-Fixed various Z-fighting & other graphical glitches at Montreal, Adelaide, Brasilia, Buenos Aires, Brands Hatch, Cadwell, Imola, Guapore, Curitiba, Caruaru, Campo Grande, Cordoba, Goiania, Jacarepagua, Johannesburg, Kansai, Santa Cruz, Taruma, Velocittá
-Bumped up default night brightness for slightly better night time visibility
-Set default fuel load for all cars to half tank capacity
-Updated AJR, F-Vintage, F-Dirt realfeel FFB values
-Adjusted aero effects on wake for F-V12, F-V10, F-Reiza, F-Extreme
-Caterham: Reduced team names
-SuperV8: Talent files typo fixes
-TC Classics: Adjusted clutch torque to avoid slipping on some cars; Fixed engines with wrong sound emission positions; AI tweaks; Fixed typo on Fusca 04 team
-Montana: Small tire model adjustment
-FTruck: Adjusted fuel estimation & adjustable boost innacurately allowed in FC Truck
-F-V10: full team names to avoid mixing up in all cars / tracks; Increased downshift protection to avoid engine blow-ups
-AJR: Bumped up Judd V10 engine blowup thrasholds to fix excessive failures
-MCR200: Moved default brake bias slightly forward