Reiza Studios hat vor kurzer Zeit Version 1.5 von Automobilista veröffentlicht.
Die als finale Version deklarierte Ausgabe beinhaltet zum Beispiel den Buskerud Kart track und neue Layouts der Strecke Mendig.

Neben AI- und UI-Verbesserungen gibt es auch ein neues Multiplayer Ranking System.
Besucht auch gerne unseren Discord wo wir einen speziellen Bereich für Automobilista eingerichtet haben.


Added Buskerud Kart track (2 layouts)
Added Mendig Langschliefe layout

Added support for Ranked Servers: Lobby shows Ranked Servers average entrants ranking. Added player’s server rank in monitor view (Only Reiza Official Servers will be ranked at this stage)
Added “TIRE SETS” option to limit number of available tire sets over the race weekend (range 1-10 or unlimited as before)
Added “RETURN TO PITS” option to RULES settings (options are Instant, Car must be stopped and Car towed to garage with semi realistic or realistic timings)
Fixed various issues with Steam Achievements
Disabled Pause While Zero Players server setting, as it is required for servers to announce on Steam
Added Game tag to results file with property “Automobilista”
Added Steam ID and Race Rank to player entries in Results files
Added Game Version and Profile in use to title bar on Dedicated Server
Increased frequency to smooth player´s steering wheel animation during replays (should no longer look jerky)
Fixed Spotter announcing last lap one lap too early if you were a leader in a timed race
Fixed Steam info not being parsed correctly when dedi is hosting without steam client logged in

Redesigned Monitor UI screen
Added Escape Menu Confirmation option to Display settings
Fixed multi join screen sometimes showing wrong track map
Added RaceRank leaderboard to Profile page
Auto select users time on TT Leaderboards
Refactored internet connection type settings
Garage UI now shows fuel by decimal point when step is less than 1.0
Optimized UI files, removing unused files and entries

Tweaked AI suspension rates to smooth ride over curbs a bit
New AI code which uses actual car width to calculate road width

Enhanced surface sounds positioning
Fixed various little sound replay bugs
Lowered spotter default volume to 75%
Replay surface sounds are now positioned (both pre 1.49 and new replays)
Remote vehicles now also have tire sounds (although highly approximated)
Tweaked dirt residue sound calculation (should hear it more often)
Audio now is smoothly faded in / out when pausing / resuming game
Added additional audio output configurations: Surround Headphones 5.1, Surround Headphones 7.1, Surround Speakers 7.1
Added “Trackside Camera Audio Directionality” into PLR file for stereo configurations (with it non-zero, sounds in the back will be less loud then ones in front of camera)
Fixed RPM limiter sound not being played
Added new crowd samples (club, national in addtion to old grandprix type)

New TV helicopter camera sample
Removed helicopter sound from ambient audio sample
Added audio environment settings to all circuits
Updated TV cameras for F-Ultimate, F-Extreme, F-Reiza
Updated Headlight textures in various cars
Fixed rear view mirror resolution inconsistencies
Granja: Revised AI paths in all layouts
Boxer: Increased brake torque & adjusted front tire load sensitivity; Updated series skin set
F-Trainer: Updated series skin set
Karts: Adjusted fuel scale to allow 0.1L increments (needs Garage UI code tweak); Further adjusted AI, adjusted front tire load sensitivity; Removed redundant / innacurate feeler values; Reduced tire wear for all compounds; tweaked AI to reduce issues with rolling over curbs; Added more suitable standard tireamanagement / startskill multipliers
AJR: Adjusted AJR RealFeel setting to reduce default FFB clipping; Fixed loop on high rpm in Honda Turbo
F3: Fixed double arms in F309; Updated external sounds & fixed missing onboard pit limiter sound
Caterham: Fixed double arms in various models
F-Reiza: Updated LCD display
Ultima: Fixed unbalance front brake torque in road versions
TC: Classics: Corrected some pitch errors in external sounds

Logitech G29 / G920 users: Support for auto rotation is on a dedicated Beta Branch labeled LogitechG29. Further instructions as to how to switch to a beta branch here.