Codemasters hat den Plan für den Season 1 DLC bekannt gegeben. So wird DiRT Rally 2.0 mit folgenden Post-DLCs erscheinen:

Woche 1: SKODA Fabia Rally, Citroën C4 Rally
Woche 3: Monte Carlo Rally, Special Livery
Woche 5: BMW M1 Procar Rally, Opel Manta 400, Special Livery
Woche 7: Sweden Rally
Woche 9: Ford Focus RS Rally 2007, Subaru Impreza, Special Livery
Woche 11: Germany Rally

It was important for us to not just include brand new content for DiRT Rally 2.0, but also to recognize the fan favourites from the previous titles, commented Ross Gowing, Chief Games Designer.
Gowing continued, The improvements the team have made for DiRT Rally 2.0 are plain to see, and Monte Carlo is a shining example of that. I think it looks incredible, and I hope our players feel the same way too. We are making a significant commitment to expanding the DiRT Rally 2.0 experience for the players that have been calling for us to do exactly that over a number of years.

Anbei findet ihr noch vier neue Screenshots zu dem neuen Rally-Ableger von Codemasters. Wir laden euch auch gerne zu unserem Launch-Event sowie unserem Discord ein.