iRacing hat heute den vierten Patch in der Season 2 veröffentlicht. Anbei findet ihr die Release Notes dazu.

This release focuses on fixing issues with our 2018 Season 2 deployment.


Race Sessions

– Fixed a bug where joining an event during a session transition could get you stuck waiting to join the session indefinitely.
– – A bug has been reported, where you get the [Wait] button after connecting to a session, when you really should be able to drive. This seems to occur if you join the event just as it is transitioning from one session to another (P to Q, Q to R, etc). What we believe is happening is that the car-setup that the Sim “proposes” to the server as being your team’s setup gets rejected by the server, because the server identifies that the message containing the setup was composed in the “prior” session to what the server is running. But there’s nothing in the Sim that will identify that this has happened, and so it never re-proposes the setup again to the server. We’ve updated the Sim to recognize this situation, and it will re-tech the setup and re-propose it to the server as being the team’s car setup.

Race Control

– Fixed an issue where a pacer could lag almost a whole lap back on race starts, so that they are between the leader and the Start/Finish line when the green comes out, and gain a free lap on the field.

Dynamic Track

– Loose dirt on the track surface will no longer contribute to calculating the surface angle of the track.

Direct Drive

– Several cars have been updated to use direct drive, just like they would in the real world. This means they do not have any gears other than 1st gear.
– – These cars no longer have a clutch pedal, or a Neutral gear.
– – In real life, these cars have to get push-started or towed to get going, but in the Sim we let the anti-stall clutch aid act like a centrifugal clutch to let you get your car rolling yourself. Also, not having a Reverse gear could get problematic if you end up nose-first into a wall, so we also allow you to still use Reverse in these situations. However, you can only select Reverse if you are stopped with brakes applied, and likewise you can only get back out of Reverse if you are stopped with brakes applied.
– – The cars that now have direct drive gearboxes are:
– – – Dirt Sprint Car – 305
– – – Dirt Sprint Car – 360
– – – Dirt Sprint Car – 410
– – – Dirt Sprint Car Non-Winged – 360
– – – Dirt Sprint Car Non-Winged – 410
– – – Dirt Midget
– – – Sprint Car

– For Direct Drive cars, throttle input is now ignored during held-stationary periods (Start Grid, Pitting) in addition to the other usually ignored controls, so drivers can not accidentally drive forward.

Hybrid Power Units

– Updated the Auto Deployment algorithm.

– An offset has been added for manual deployment that allows the player to eliminate any skew in deployment / battery state-of-charge that results from errors in the initial refline calcs. This is included as a Garage parameter on all three hybrid cars.


– Fixed an interface issue where the handbrake input value was being displayed on vehicles without a handbrake.


– We have temporarily disabled scrape sounds while we investigate why they are triggering for the wrong car(s).

Dallara IR18

– The collision durability of the rear wing has been strengthened to reduce damage.

– Increased airflow with 70% and 77% radiator blocking.

– Fixed a text issue with the front wicker label for road and short oval tracks.

Dirt Late Model

– (ALL) – Fixed an alignment issue between the rear axle and the rear tires on opponent cars.

Ford Mustang FR500S

– Fixed an issue with the rear torsion bar.

Indycar Dallara circa 2011

– Fixed an issue where the driver’s feet could stick out through the hood of the vehicle.

McLaren MP4-30

– Fixed an issue with the dynamic brake bias where the system under-corrected for MGU-K regeneration torque when calculating rear brake pressures.

Porsche 919 Hybrid

– The increment for calculation of in-car manual trims has been increased so the trims cover a wider range of hybrid deployment.