Für KartKraft ist nun das neue Build veröffentlicht worden. Dieses Update behebt einige Bugs und bringt ein paar neue Funktionen mit sich, alles weitere dazu im beigefügten Changelog. Ihr findet die Kart-Simulation KartKraft direkt bei Steam.

Decreased ignition cut time when the RPM limiter is engaged on the X30 engine
Fixed default startup window to the primary display when multiple monitors are present
Fixed crash when playing the winning cinematic in leaderboard mode
Fixed resolution and graphics settings not saving or persisting between game sessions
Replaced steering column PID controller with fixed angle constraint to eliminate input lag and improve FFB signal
Fixed rigid chain spinning around the axle (finally). Now correctly aligns with engine. (Please buy a new kart or reset your account for this change to take effect)
Fixed incorrect Oryx rims on all karts. Changed from alloy to black gloss variant
Fixed placement of bodywork on all karts
Fixed asymmetrical C-Section placement on CRG Road Rebel chassis
Fixed “Show Driver” option not working
Fixed inability to bind arrow keys
Tweaked default XBox controller, keyboard/mouse presets
Fixed bug causing the preference menu to be displayed twice rather than the pause menu
Fixed “Uploading in progress” menu button being selectable to avoid button pressed sound from triggering
Fixed LOD distances for Stub Axle, Hub, Kingpin, and Bodywork
Fixed incorrect X30 carburetor peg positions
Fixed handling of a potential crash when the preferences fail to save to the cloud
Fixed missing cones on all circuits
Fixed ghost sound being heard when the volume preference was set to 0%
Fixed player leaderboard entry not appearing in the middle of the screen and having to scroll
New Features:
Added additional playback speed options in replay mode (10x, 20x)
Added the ability to rotate the view in the component/gear menus using the mouse
Added shortcut icons to the footer of menus where additional functionality was available
Added shortcut icons to Photo-mode to simplify the menu
Added the ability to take a screenshot in replay mode
Added Dutch tilt control to Photo-mode
Added descriptions to all preferences
Added presets for Thrustmaster T150, T300, TX and the Logitech G25 (Fanatec support coming)
Added ability to skip cinematics and splash screens
Increased maximum FFB gain setting
Added default bindings for respawning for all presets