Sector3 Studios hat heute ein kleines Update für R3E veröffentlicht, welches die Simulation mit Bugfixes versorgt, aber wohl auch für baldige Content-Releases vorbereitet. Man darf also gespannt sein, den Changelog findet ihr anbei.

Today we’re mostly preparing RaceRoom for upcoming competitions and content releases.
Stay tuned for more information regarding those!

Update details:
Download size = 934.3 MB
Client version =
Client BuildID = 2878085
Dedi version = 43.0.675
Dedi BuildID = 2878124

Fixed a pitstop exploit where a player could turn on ignition and engine back on much earlier than normal by stopping at the spot with the engine already turned off.
Fixed an issue in multiplayer where the player could end up having only 1 lap to perform in the race session. This was spotted on certain systems only.
Fixed an FFB initialization on the “Championship progress saved” message.

Moscow – Modified track side banners in preparation for the Porsche virtual series.
KTM X-Bow RR – New livery #8 was added to store
Nuerburgring GP – Updated pitwall with latest Porsche hashtag, new Ravenol sign, new tarmac patches, fixed curbs shapes at the Schumacher esses as well as other various fixes and tweaks.
Lausitzring GP – Fixed HUD track map that was still using simple visuals.