Bugbear Entertainment hat ein neues Update für Wreckfest veröffentlicht. Neben einigen Bugfixes bringt die Aktualisierung auch einen neuen Track namens “Bonebreaker Valley” mit sich. Die Strecke soll seinem Namen alle Ehre machen und bringt für ordentlich Rennaction beispielsweise mehrere Sprünge mit. Das gesamte Changelog findet ihr anbei, viel Spaß beim crashen!


Added a new track: Bonebreaker Valley.

Fixed a case in which the game might have crashed when entering Market.
Fixed another case in which the game might have crashed when entering My Cars.
Entering the Settings menu no longer causes the game to crash when more than four input devices are connected.
Changing the Graphics Quality preset in the Settings menu now works properly.
Implemented new Lobby user interface.
Removed dark background from player tags to make them less intrusive.
HUD is now correctly removed after a forced exit from the Spectate mode.
A number of other user interface improvements.
Added Mixed Class AI Set that contains a mix of cars from every class.
Mechanical damage is now more consistent across different cars.
With Realistic Damage, mechanical damage now kicks in earlier.
With Realistic Damage, wheels now get detached easier (remember two wheels lost mean an instant wreck).
AI fine-tuning: On Easy and Medium AI difficulties, AI is now more aggressive towards other AI players; AI now avoids ramming in slow corners; AI slows down less after hitting the player from behind; AI tries to overtake more aggressively.
Minor AI raceline improvements for specific corners.
Elimination races now yield more credits and experience.
In Career, tweaked Lords of Chaos series bonus targets to be more easier to meet.
In Career, lowered the “Cause Damage” bonus target to 600 in Midsize Massacre’s 2nd event.
In Career, lowered the “Cause Damage” bonus target to 2000 in Midsize Mayhem.
Rocket driver model no longer sports a pink undershirt.
RoadSlayer’s wheels received as rewards are now correctly marked being for “RoadSlayer” instead of “American 4”.
Speedemon’s special parts are now correctly marked being for “Speedeamon” instead of “Dominator”.
Fixed MudDigger’s hood camera position.
Fixed Boomer’s Style 2 rear wheel materials.
Fixed Firefly’s Style 2 & 3 front wheel tire profile.
Fixed an issue with RoadSlayer GT’s scoop hood.
Fixed issues with Tristar’s brake light and Style 5 wheels.
Added rocks to the chicane on Rosenheim Raceway to prevent cutting.
Fixed a floating decal at Sandstone Raceway.
Fixed a floating decal at Pinehills Raceway.
Fixed adboards at Small Stadium.

Career AI names can no longer be modified to prevent fatal issues caused by having too few names.
Weather list (.weli) and visual suspension settings (.vevs) do not trigger the anti-tamper protection anymore.