Nun ist auch für die Xbox-Version von TT Isle of Man mit dem Patch auf Version 1.02 versorgt worden. Hauptsächlich geht es dabei um detaillierte Steuerungseinstellungen für das Xbox Gamepad sowie eine verbesserte KI. Die Details findet ihr anbei.

Improved riders’ animations: the rider is now less shaky while leaning on his right or on his left
Created an option to manage controls: players can now manage steering, throttle, brakes and vibrations sensibility on gamepads’ sticks and triggers.
AI riders are less likely to collide with other vehicles
Fixed a bug where the engines’ sound were not synchronized anymore after several laps
Fixed a crash occurring when finishing the 6th lap of the Tourist Trophy
Fixed a crash occurring in career mode
Fixed a bug occurring when players could not exit the result screen after being disqualified because of excessive speed in the Pitstop
Fixed a bug in career mode, when the event proposing to run the Tourist Trophy did not appear properly
Fixed a bug sound when resuming a career race
Fixed several other minor sound issues
Fixed a graphic bug on the front wheel of the Kawasaki VX10R
Removed some invisible road glitches that could deviate path in straight lines
Fixed a bug in ghost recordings
Settings are now properly saved when modified during a multiplayer race
Tooltips are now displayed in the option menus
Fixed some achievements that did not unlock properly
Fixed a sound bug in Hotseat mode
Fixed a rare graphics corruption bug during loading screens
Trigger feedback added to Xbox One gamepads